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Thread: 4th Surgery in 6 Months.. Advice Please! :)

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    Hi dixiesmommie,

    Sorry to hear you are not doing well. Is it very painful when you sit or is it just uncomfortable? If you don't mind me asking- have you had multiple surgeries or just one? I hope you start feeling better soon!


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    Hi Lauren,

    I have had 4 surgeries. I am 52 and had my most recent one 6 months ago. The first one in 1976. I am very uncomfortable sitting and always get pain down my left leg when sitting upright.
    It helps to put the passenger seat back with pillows behind me when my husband takes me to the doctors which is a 4 hour ride. He also has to stop every half hour or so to let me get out and walk. Sitting in a waiting room at a doctors office is horrible for me. I'm sitting then standing then sitting and standing and when I finally get into the room, I usually just lay on the table.

    I have been walking every day like everyone says to. I have also been walking in my pool a bit. (florida) During one of my childhood surgeries they harvested bone from my pelvic area. I believe there is a screw inside the bone right behind that area. That is very painful. I also have pain through my groin bone. TMI I go back to my doctor on March 5th. He is going to do an injection to help diagnose some of my pain.

    Being fused to the sacrum also feels like a board is glued to the bottom of my back. I think that is a common description on this site. For me it seems like I traded off some pain for some different pain. i also want you to know I have lost a lot of range of motion. I can't shave my legs. get things out of lower cabinets, unload the dryer, load or unload the dishwasher. i can't get to items on the lower rack in the fridge and when in a drug/ grocery store and need the item on the bottom shelf it is quite an experience. My pain was so severe and I was falling all the time prior to surgery, I felt I had to do it. My balance seems to be better now. I have done very little driving since I live in a tourist community and the traffic is bad right now. I don't know how I will change lanes without being able to twist. I purchased panoramic mirrors and hope that helps.

    I'm letting you know this, because I didn't check out how much range of motion I was going to lose and was shocked. I hope you make the best decision for you. You are young so I am sure you will recover much easier than I did. Just keep asking questions and you will make the right decision for you.

    I'll let you know what the doctor says after I see him next Wednesday.

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