Hello Scoli friends,

It has been quite a while since I have posted, but I have been lurking around for some time. Ever since my first surgery I have always had problems with pain.
Becoming worse in the past 6 months. The end of November I squatted down to put something in the bottom of my refrigerator and felt and heard a POP, the pain was extreme. I could barely walk, sit or lay down. I used ice and took some hydrocodone and a muscle relaxer that I still had lying around and after awhile the pain subsided enough that I could move. The next day I went to see Dr. Chapman (he is a surgeon here in my home town who follows me) and xrays showed no break and he told me that I probably tore a muscle (the pain was in my left sacral joint area mostly). said it would heal in 8-10 weeks. I took a week off of work to try and recover. I did get a little better for a short while and then I started having more pain and pressure in other areas of my back, I was missing work often and spending a lot of time in bed. On Dec 18th I was driving home from work and felt what I can only describe as an electric jolt with another loud POP. Again the pain was extreme, I had to pull over and collect my self before I could continue driving. I called the Dr and asked for some stronger pain meds, he prescribed some and also a medrol dose pack (thought it was inflammation) and a work release. I continued to get worse and on Dec 23rd went back in, he took another set of xrays and told me that I had an area of non-union and BOTH of my rods were broken. I was devastated. He said one rod must have broke in Nov and it just didn't show up on xray. ( I saw the xray also, it wasn't there). I am in constant pain and haven't been able to lay down flat since xmas day. I am bent forward and have resorted back to using a cane to help me walk. My surgeon Dr. Lenke cannot even see me for 3 months. I will not make it that long. I am scheduled to have surgery here in my hometown on Jan 21st. Please keep me in your thoughts. I am living a nightmare and I can't wake up.