[Linda: well, I seem to be having the same problem I had yesterday with disappearing posts. I took a series of screen shots this time so that you can see what I'm seeing

Forum list showing thread without the post I had just added - 1:17 (EST) time stamp on discussion
Open thread showing initial post (timestamp 1:17 EST (time shown in PST once I log in) along with my post
Forum list now showing my post (still in PST)
Forum list, now without my post, and the timestamp on the discussion is 1:26 EST (in EST because I've logged out)
.. Again, sorry for the (repeated) double threads. Once this gets sorted out, I'll go back and delete these duplicate discussions]

And, the post I was trying to add:

Is there a reason this discussion about the BrAIST study isn't posted to the end of that discussion?

On your conclusions: Could you do a few things to make it easier for the rest of us to reach an informed conclusion about this:

* Provide a link to the graph
* Define the percentage that you indicate by "vast majority"
* Define what you mean by "brace needlessly"