Hi - I've been absent from this forum for about 5 yrs but always found a lot of help here, glad to be back!

I wasn't sure where to post this question but my husband and I are expecting our first child in July '14 and I'm wondering if anyone with a spinal fusion has had any trouble with back pain during pregnancy or giving birth? My surgeon said I should be fine.

Also wondering if it's possible to get an epidural or if anyone has had complications with that. I'm currently considering a home birth as well in which case I would most likely not go to the hospital. But wanted to ask since I haven't completely made up my mind.

I am 7, almost 8 yrs post-op. I had a revision surgery in 2007 that went well and only have pain after over exertion or sitting for long periods of time. This pain is manageable and a massage always gets me back to normal. So compared to the pain after my first surgery (2000 - fusion didn't heal, rods broke) I consider the 2nd surgery to be a complete success. I am 32 yrs old.

Thanks in advance!