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Thread: Social Security Disability

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    Social Security Disability

    My Social Security Disability Insurance hearing with the administrative law judge is coming up early next year. I have waited a year and eight months.

    If you had Scoliosis/Harrington Rod surgery and now have Degenerative Disc Disease/lumbar stenosis/flatback as a result (and you have appeared in front of an Administrative Law Judge in the past five years,) I would appreciate hearing about your experiences at trial.

    Please no unasked for comments or opinions about going on disability. I'm in enough pain as it is, and I just want to hear from those who have been through the process. I have a lawyer and tons of records and letters from doctors, but as I'm under fifty the Social Security rules are much tougher for me. I would especially like to hear from anyone else who was under fifty at time of trial.

    Thanks for your understanding about keeping this thread on track.

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    please update

    hi I too have scoliosis- DDD- age 53. Wondering how long I will be able to work- please let us know how your case progresses- I would appreciate if you share the logistics. I am a teacher- in a state retirement system. Wondering if an early retirement will be better than disability... financial wise? I have to work 3.5 more years at minimum.

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    I got my disability!

    I received a favorable decision in my Disability hearing today.
    I will be posting another thread with details in the regular surgery forum since I know many people will want to know details and I want to help people by providing information in case they are going through the same thing.

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