3 years post surgery with Dr. Richard Hostin at Baylor scoliosis center (fused t4-L1). I have stiffness in the muscles of my back, legs, and abs. My abdomen is rock hard and looks like I am 4-5 mths pregnant (I am thin). Saw all kind of specialists. Traveled to Kansas city to see a neuromuscular specialist. EmG is normal. Blood test for stiff person disease. I have been suffering for 5 years. Surgery made all the symptoms I suffered from for 2 years, including inability to sit and stand worse and added more problems. Nobody can tell me what is wrong. Each of the 10 physical therapists I saw said something different and all failed to put a dent in my problem. I am 48 and raising children. Life tastes like bitter saw dust. I can't believe how so many people report all these wonderful results after surgery when this very famous doctor cannot give any explanations to my problems. He who before surgery had an answer to every question. Now he mumbles, stutters and gives me foolish looks. Where did the genius of yesteryear go? He is so good at promoting his miracles on TV stations and the pros of the surgery to potential patients, but never the cons. Now we suffer and wait for death to relieve our suffering.