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Thread: rf ablation alternatives

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    rf ablation alternatives

    I have ddd above my fusion. I have been getting RF ablations for several years to help control the pain. They last for about a year and do give me relief. I was wondering if anyone knows of any alternatives that would kill the offending nerves once and for all? Getting the nerves zapped for T2-T12 every year is getting expensive and pain meds are out as I cannot tolerate them. Thanks
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    It's been awhile rainbow,
    I wish I could help you. I was told by a pain management Doctor that Medicare would not pay for a nerve ablation if the patient already had a fusion. The only thing I was offered other than medications was a spinal cord stimulator which I promptly said "NO" to. Presently I am trying another round of PT for my back. She was wonderful for my hip replacement so I decided to give her a shot at my back.
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