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Thread: 2 year post revision pain

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    I am sorry for your pain. Sometimes this site seems very pro-surgery, yet it helps to read about painful outcomes of surgery, too, even for these second surgeries. It seems that scoliosis surgery is very painful and that sometimes people wind up much worse off. I've read this a lot on other scoliosis sites. I hope you get better soon and that they find a cause for the pain. Please do not be afraid to post the name of your surgeon who didn't listen to you as it will help others to make informed choices about surgeons.
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    I don't seem to hear of many with on going pain issues so for a while I've been thing "why me" and although I hate to hear of anyone else struggling its good to know I'm not alone. I have posted before about my situation-I'm now 3 years post op and can't see things improving now. I'm lucky, my surgeon is being very good-I've had scans and they show that all is good. I also had a scan for checking there was no infection so he's covered everything. The only way to go now is hardware removal. I have some big protruding screws and I'm pretty certain they are the problem-they cause awful pressure in the centre of my back. Some days its bearable, mainly when I haven't done much though. The dilemma is that all my metalwork has to be removed because of the system he's used-its so frustrating that has to happen when the majority of my pain is centred around the screws in the centre of my back.

    I know I have to make a decision pretty soon but I'm so scared that I might end up worse off.
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    Bluestone, just wanted to say that I wish you peace and confidence as you struggle with your dilemma of what to do. It would be great if there was a crystal ball to help us make good decisions. I hope that you find a solution that decreases your discomfort. Susan
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    Myofacial Release helped my chronic pain

    Hi, I just wanted to share a solution I have found some significant relief in the hopes to help someone else, and wish I would have heard about this 10 years ago.

    I have been in chronic pain for many years, I had surgery 17 years ago, and every doctor tells me I am not a candidate for another surgery and everything looks to have held in place since my surgery. I have recently had a really bad bout in my SI and lower back, which they treated with plenty of Physical Therapy, a steroid injection, trigger point release, and of course the naproxen regiment with muscle relaxers. My PT referred me to a counterpart of his, who specializes in Myofacial Release. I have never heard of anyone being treated for this- and this women has been a godsend. Everything about my visits seem weird and crazy, but simple solutions have given me big relief- why was this so difficult for Pain Specialist and Surgeons!

    Here are some of the treatments she did:
    Kinesio Taping
    McConnell Tape Technique
    A piece of felt- cut into a shoe lift!
    Electronic Bandaid- with anti inflammatory relief and ionic energy
    Myofacial Release (unwinding)

    Sure, I walk around with a lot of tape on my body, but it sure beats not walking around! Good luck, hope this is of some help to somebody!


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