Hi everyone,
I haven't posted regularly as nothing new has been happening worth mentioning and possibly not associated to the surgery.

I travelled to STL early May for my 6 mos checkup. Structurally everything was fine. I fell over one night on the toilet breaking the tank in half from bottom up all because I did not want to turn the lights on to wake up people. That was on a Friday night and my visit to Bridwell was on a Monday. I was limping a bit but xrays to him looked good.

During that visit, I now remember the lost of taste. We had gone out frequently with my niece and 2 daughters. Tapas night was ordinary, Dim Sum was bland, Sushi was not worth the price and indian smell good but tasteless.

Coming home, I bought a treadmill for home in Mexico as the apt complex in El Centro, CA has a gym. As per the PT I should be walking 1.8 m/h by the one year mark but I only heard the first half. So after the first week, I reached 2.0m/h and proud. 2 wks later, I was in so much butt pain that I can hardly walk or sit. I knew I dislodged some newly reattached tissues etc.

Then, I noticed the lack of taste. Salt at first but not sugar. Now it is everything except a little of salt. Smelling ability is super strong, I cook my favorite and one taste and I am done.

Therefore I am not eating. Some food I hunger, some I put in my mouth and gag. Some are revolting just to imagine. My GI started bothering me a lot.

My palms are getting dark spots but not the finger tips which has remained pink. However, the other side of the hand, the nails are separating. Some already halfway the finger. A bit of uncomfort but devastating to see it progress. The thumbs have dark brown starting from cuticle up to tip of finger (slow process).

I don't wash dishes, don't cook, don't eat. Lost 10 lbs.

Been to my GP twice, dentist becuase in addition I bite my tongue, my OB/GYN has no idea, the dermatologist checked all my moles and spots but was in awe of my fingers and palm. Only person mentioning mal-nutrition and suggested to take Centrum.

That's all. Nothing in the web. Thought someone could have some idea as to who can take a look. Certainly Dr Bridwell would not have a clue.

Help! Mentioning depression is un necessary.