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Thread: Tight painful muscles and distended abdomen

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    Tight painful muscles and distended abdomen

    I had T4-L1 fusion 2.5 y ago. Over time I started to have painful tight muscles and now the tightness has reached the abdomen which is now distended. Any insights?

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    Distended abdomen

    I had surgery in October and have had a distended abdomen since.

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    My stomach is just as big as before (combo of little baby fat or fat from babies years ago).

    However, my bladder must have been repositioned along with other organs. I feel like I have to go every so often (1-2 hrs ) but really have to force the muscles. However, I sometimes forget about it and the bladder is really full (no difference in fullness sensation) but it is like a normal waterfall or the hoover dam - no effort required.
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    I would go to the doctor for your problem. I'd be really surprised if a distended abdomen 2.5 years post-op could be related to your surgery unless you are still on narcotic pain meds. The tight muscles, from what I've read, go with the territory. I haven't had surgery and I have the same tight muscle problem. I don't think there's any way people with scoliosis can avoid that problem. There are therapies and medications that can help with it. Please see your doctor. I wish you the best.
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