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I agree that was important to point out I was wrong about that..
I was not and am not now faulting you for reaching an incorrect conclusion. Everyone does that all the time. I am faulting you for:

* treating that incorrect conclusion, based on conjecture, as absolute fact
and, more importantly to me in that discussion
* repeatedly, incessantly, doggedly calling me every manner of names for holding on to my (later proven to be correct) conclusion.

It was the repeated, incessant, dogged name calling for which I was asking for an apology. I found it beyond the pale, even if you had been absolutely correct. But, to hold onto the idea that it was totally OK to call me ever manner of names, even when you were insulting me because *You* reached the incorrect conclusion? Yes, I'd think one might want to apologize for that. Again, I don't expect it - I am (generally) just kind of laughing this stuff off.

But, again, you're exacerbating it here with "we can't all ALWAYS be correct like you" "I am not clairvoyant like you." It's all just really really unpleasant when, again, I was correct AND I'm not trying to further incite. All other things being equal, you'd think it would be *me* making snippy remarks about you, given the incident. But, again, apparently, all other things are not equal.

So, yes, I engage. but I do wish that it weren't so ridiculously unpleasant simply to place facts into evidence.