Been away for a long time and looks like the site layout has changed - not really sure where to post this, I figure I’ll post it here.

I used to be very active on this board when my daughter was diagnosed w/ scoliosis in Nov 2008. Four years ago we were in Montreal getting fitted for the Spinecor (which we rather quickly abandoned because the physician reported in-brace correction seemed to be a gross exaggeration – but that’s a whole other story). Back then I remember that I would often wish some of the folks who pre-dated my time here, whose stories and journeys I read w/great interest, would come back and let us know how things turned out. So, I figured I would pop in and say hi to some old friends and provide an update.

After abandoning the Spinecor we adopted the “watchful waiting” approach, visiting the doctor every 6 months for xrays. At diagnosis she was almost completely skeletally mature (as assessed by hand radiographs) and her doctor felt “observation” was a very reasonable course of action. At the 2 year post-diagnosis appointment (when she likely would have been taken out of the brace had we pursued that route) her curve was the same as it was 2 years prior, 38 degrees. We felt pretty good about things, even smug perhaps, figuring we spared her the burden of bracing and achieved the same intended outcome (a stable curve). My dear daughter went on with her life growing into quite the remarkable young lady).

Just when we thought this whole scoliosis saga was behind us, we went to our summer appointment/check-up. We were shocked to discover she progressed to 55 degrees. I’m thinking: that’s not supposed to happen, she’s a fully grown adult. A modest progression I could see, but that was a dramatic jump. Long story short, we decided to wait another 6 months and re-assess the situation (and he ordered an MRI to exclude other things as a cause of the late progression). Anyway, she is in surgery at this moment (I am typing this from the waiting room).