Paper #43: Adult Deformity Surgery (ASD) Patients Recall Fewer than 50% of the Risks Discussed in the
Informed Consent Process Preoperatively and the Recall Rate Worsens Significantly in the Postoperative
Rajiv Saigal, MD, PhD; Aaron J. Clark, MD, PhD; Justin K. Scheer, BS; Justin S. Smith, MD, PhD; Shay Bess, MD;
Praveen V. Mummaneni, MD; Ian McCarthy, PhD; Robert A. Hart, MD; Khaled Kebaish, MD; Eric Klineberg, MD;
Vedat Deviren, MD; Frank J. Schwab, MD; Christopher I. Shaffrey, MD; Christopher P. Ames, MD; International
Spine Study Group

This is a paper at the upcoming SRS conference. The list of risks is daunting and most people don't want to listen as they hope that it will not happen to them.