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Thread: How sort out the issue of growth and what that means....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariaf View Post
    It's funny how most people who wore a brace as a child/teen themselves would never make their kids wear one.

    Speaks volumes.

    Hi Maria,

    I remember you from the spinekids community, I was quite an active poster there back in the day. I must say I admire all the work you are doing to bring awareness about VBS. It sounds like a terrific alternative to long term bracing. I don't know anyone who wore a brace as a teen who would subject their child to that. It took a part of my life I will never get back, drove a large wedge between my mother and I, and put me in a place emotionally that I didn't come out of until the past few years. I know I much rather would have done a small(ish) surgery like VBS to avoid all that. Wish it had been an option for me!
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    Hi Leelee,

    Yes, I've heard a lot about how bracing can affect a parent/child relationship. In fact, it comes up a lot but is something that people (including myself) sometimes forget about. Thanks for mentioning it. I'm glad you were finally able to get over the emotional trauma of bracing. One thing I have found - whether we are talking about bracing, VBS, fusion, etc. - you guys (scoli patients) are extremely resilient and I truly believe the experience will make you stronger as you go through life. I wish you all the best!
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