Hi Linda

I was wondering what they were doing all along and see now that its pulled. Donít worry the swelling will go down and things will improve quickly now. Once my gall bladder was gone, it eliminated the pain that contributed in my scoliosis surgery recovery. Having multiple problems and recovering from a scoli surgery is hard. It delayed my recovery, no doubt.

My vascular surgeon told me that I could eat anything with ďmoderationĒ. Itís the moderation part that takes requires effort. Cake, ice cream, and milk can be deadly and are items to avoid. Man-o-man! (Iíve done the tests, and failed miserably, but Iím still here) Cheese is also a rough one. These are dangerous substances.

Dairy and fatty foods, fatty meats, are hard to deal with.....I found that Zantac was a saving grace if diet management gets off track. Multiple small meals through the day are easier to deal with rather than a large meal. It also gives the constant dripping of bile something to do......

We can blame cholesterol. Cholesterol is such a drag, and it starts the day you are born.....It creates long term plumbing problems throughout the whole body.