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Thread: Concern for Scuba Steve

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    Concern for Scuba Steve

    Hi Everyone,

    So glad we finally heard from Michelle, Jersy OT, as she posted on her blog February 4. BUT, now I am concerned for Scuba Steve who we were all encouraging as he was off to see Dr. Hey in North Carolina for a consultation for his relentless pain. I think about him every day and wonder how he made out. If you see this Steve, please be in touch. We are all concerned for you and your family.

    1963 Fusion T4-L2 for congenital scoliosis. It was a bone graft and not instrumentation
    1989 to Present....Have had chronic pain. MRI's show severe neural foraminal stenosis L2-S1, rotational scoliosis lumbar spine over 40 degrees, compression of nerve roots L5-S1, Broad Based Herniations L4-L5, L5-S
    Surgery scheduled with Dr. Bridwell on December 11, 2012
    December 11, 2012 Had surgery with Dr. Bridwell. He fused L4-L5 with rods and screws.

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    I was , also, thinking about him the other day. I wonder as well what happened.


    Fused from C2 - sacrum 7/2011

    December 8, 2014 - Another Broken Rod Surgery

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    Checking and still seeing nothing on Scuba. Does anyone have information on him?? Janet

    61 years old--57 for surgery

    Diagnosed in 1965 at age of 13--no brace
    Thoracic Curve: 96 degrees to 35 degrees
    Lumbar Curve: 63 degrees to 5 degrees
    Surgery with Dr. Lenke in St. Louis--March 30, 2009
    T-2 to Pelvis, and hopefully all posterior procedure.

    All was posterior along with 2 cages and 6 osteotomies.

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    Anyone have an update on Steve?

    Haven't been on the forum in a while, and was wondering how Steve is doing. I hope he is doing well!
    Fused T10-S1 and C5-7
    Adult Onset at 25, with first surgery at 38
    Six total surgeries, including one for staph infection
    Found relief from pain without pills

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