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Thread: leg lenght difference

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    leg lenght difference

    Has anyone had surgery and then found out one leg is longer than the other? It is almost 4 months post-op and walking feels real funny and I found that one leg is longer than the other.

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    It's most likely because your pelvis is tilted. A shoe lift might help.
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    I've noticed a difference too. I mentioned it in this thread:
    I'm still not sure if I should have a lift in my shoe or not. It's possible that I compensated for a curved spine by walking a certain way all those years before surgery. Post surgery, my pelvis might actually be more even and I'm just not used to it yet, so it feels like one leg is longer. When I stand with both feet flat, I do feel like I'm leaning a little to one side and it's very uncomfortable. I'll mention it to Dr Hey at my six month check up in April and see what he says.
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