Ok here I am AGAIN!
I had original surgery in 2005 fused from t-4to l-4. and rods implanted. Pain was 10x worse since my surgeries. Went thru pain meds, stimulator and then the pump, none helped.
Finally went to see a surgeon on the west coast of fl. who said pain was possibly caused from area in the lower back that was not fused. So after some investigation and alot of questions we had him do a second operation where i was fused rest of the way down to s-1 and had the pelvic anchors put in.
Well that again didn't do the trick. So I went to another pain managment doctor who said they took the pump out before they should have and "he can make it work if I do it again". Guess what i have the pump in again and still no relief. We have tried numerous drugs in the pump and have even started to mix them in order to see if anything will work.
Well in this time frame my wife and I started to notice some noise coming from my back when i layed down (the only position that gives me some relief) and made an appt. with my local ortho surgeon to get some pics. This doc is great but told me from the first time i saw him over 4 yrs. ago that he would not do any surgery's on my back. He felt the risk way outweighed the rewards.
I just got back from his office where i was informed that i have to broken areas in my rods of the left side and one on the right with a posible fracture starting on that side also. When asked what i should do he stated that he doesn't know!
I am in so much pain now and loosing all hope. I now am fused from T-4 to sacrum with the pelvic anchors in, and yeah can't forget the pump.
Loosing all hope, don't know where or who to turn to. Getting depressed and bad ideas in my head. Thank God for my wife and children who up to this point have kept me going. I am only 43 yrs. old and being told that I need to go on disibility and "they will try to keep me comfortable". What kind of life is that!?
Any and all help will be appreciated, anyone out there been here?