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Thread: Richard III found and he had scoliosis

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    you don't see these diseases running in families like you see in scoliosis.
    I can't remember reading about a single disease that didn't run in families. Even Polio ran in families.

    You can find a story like this about practically anything.
    Specific Gene Linked to Cold Sore Susceptibility, Study Finds

    Somebodies Cold Sore Blog
    I've always had cold sores. They run in my family and my first outbreak was when I was only two years old! My brothers all suffer from them too. Luckily I usually get them on my lips but I have a brother that also gets them on his eyes and nose.
    What causes Lupus?

    We don't know yet what causes the immune system to become overactive. Scientific evidence indicates that lupus is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Studies show that lupus runs in families, meaning that certain genes predispose you to the disease. Environmental triggers may include ultraviolet light, bacterial and viral infections, medications, diet and stress.
    A doctor will ask about your family history of any disease. I don't want to be overly broad but essentially everything runs in families. However that doesn't mean that every disease is caused by heredity. Natural selection doesn't work in reverse for humans. We aren't evolving towards disease. Most common diseases are triggered by environmental damage. It's that simple.

    As a side note I read the other day that car wrecks ran in families and even being a victim of violent crime ran in families.
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    For Adolescent Crime Victims, Genetic Factors Play Lead Role
    Genes trump environment as the primary reason that some adolescents are more likely than others to be victimized by crime, according to groundbreaking research led by distinguished criminologist Kevin M. Beaver of The Florida State University.
    ...among adolescents who were victimized repeatedly, the effect of genetic factors accounted for a whopping 64 percent of the variance.
    According to this study becoming a crime victim is roughly twice as genetic as Scoliosis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rohrer01 View Post

    It's interesting what you found about King Henry's line. However, aren't they two totally separate families?
    yes, that's why I said "she lived 100 years later and was totally unrelated" :smile: I just thought you might be interested to hear about another historical case of scoliosis related to the royal family. We get teens fretting that they'll never have a boyfriend because they're wearing a brace, but this lady - despite her physical appearance - had several relationships and stuck two fingers up at the queen by eloping with a jolly handsome chap. I love her for that!

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