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Thread: Has anymore had surgery with Dr. Matthew Cunninghm at HSS or know of his work?

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    Has anymore had surgery with Dr. Matthew Cunninghm at HSS or know of his work?

    I was all set for surgery with Dr. Boachie-Adjer, when I was informed a month prior, he will not accept my insurance (after 2 years of being told it was good) So now I am in search of a great surgeon in NYC that takes Cigna. They referred me to Dr. Cunningham but I have not seen any posts on him. I also saw Dr. Lonner and liked him, but prefer Hospital for Special Surgery. Any input would be appreciated as I am just blown away and now have to start my search in finding the right surgeon for me.

    Thank you.

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    I'm sorry I can't answer your question about Dr. Cunningham. I have read on this forum that Dr. Boachie doesn't take any insurance at all. You have to work with your insurance company yourself. Have you contacted your insurance company about working with them directly? Obviously, insurances DO pay when Dr. Boachie operates, but Dr. Boachie doesn't do the billing. I would talk with your insurance company if you haven't already. I'm sorry you are in this situation. I have a very frustrating insurance plan to deal with. It's an HMO and there are NO scoli doctors that are "in-network" and they will only let me see one. I don't have the luxury of even a second opinion. I hope things work out with your insurance and you can continue to see the doctor of your choice.
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