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Thread: surgeon vs. second opinon surgeon?

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    surgeon vs. second opinon surgeon?

    I had a second opinion yesterday. this was done by a surgeon who knows the first surgeon.They have performed surgeries togther in the past.
    They agree on my condition and source of pain however there view of surgical approach differs. The first surgeon wants to fuse me from L1 down,which would leave me very unmoveable with my back.he wants to use to surgeons and come in from both anterior and posterior.
    The second opinion surgeon agrees I need surgery but says don't do what does not need be done. He says come in from posterior and fix L5-s1 ,where problem is evident,then if it needs fusing doit,and if others look to need fusing ,then do it,but if can get by with fixing or fusing only L5,do that and do not fuse all lumbar vertabraes unless it looks as if it has to be done after seeing the condition at time of surgery.

    I tend to agree with second opinion surgeon.Now am I obligated that 1st surgeon must do surgery,or if after going to surgeon for second opinion,I feel more comfortable with him,I can now see if he'll perform the surgery?
    I was referred to see the second opinion surgeon by the 1st surgeon for his opinion.but feel more comfortable with the one I got second opinion from.
    Or should I now go to completely different surgeon who has fresh eyes and get another totally neutral surgeons opinion?

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    Hi there... I know it is very difficult in these situations, I personally would get a third opinion, if only for my own peace of mind. Also, I would not hesitate to go with the person you feel most comfortable with: you are not obligated in any way! Good luck and I'm sure some others will also post their reactions here to help. Take care ~Laura
    ps I think Dave Wolpert's book has some case scenarios like this one... might be worth a look.

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    One is NEVER obligated to use a specific surgery.

    I'd also recommend getting a third opinion to be sure you're doing the right thing.


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