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Thread: Surgery, Travel, Recovery plans

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    Surgery, Travel, Recovery plans

    I am flying to St Louis from San Diego on Nov 17th (after driving 2 hours from San Felipe, Baja California to El Centro, CA - rest a couple of nights in our apt drive to SanDiego 2 hours.) Fortunately the flight is only 3.5 hours non-stop versus our preferred carrier that takes almost 9 hours 3 planes.

    We are renting a car in El Centro and dropping it off in San Diego. ALL of this for my comfort and because we are taking my baby little black cat of 7 years that looks like a panther and weights 17 pounds.

    We will stay at my youngest condo for a few days and then husband had rented an apartment loft across from the Park Hotel for one month. Then return to my daughter's condo for xmas. After that, I stay and my husband will return to Mexico. I will stay until the first major check up because being in the middle of winter versus sitting under the sunshine-seaview-mountain view and tranquility would be much better.

    Any advise as to which blog is the easiest? I hated caringbridge for the amount of request for donation.

    PS: how soon can I drive? I would love to meet nearby sisters. And, december 11 is twe weeks after my surgery. Hopefully across the street at the Metro Loft. Moving in early and during my surgery will ease breaks for my husband to visit and go back to rest. Even though our daughter is only one metro away and .5 mile walk to condo.

    Baja California, Mexico & El Centro, Ca
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    You'll need to ask Dr. Bridwell's nurse about when you can reasonably drive, but I'm guessing that 2 weeks is way too early. We tell patients that they should not expect to drive until they've stopped taking narcotics.

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    Hi Gardenia,

    I used CarePages for my own surgery blog and also for my daughter's. It is easy to use, and free. You can check it out at

    As far as driving and being out and about much at two weeks, I don't think it is realistic. You will tire easily at the very least, and I would encourage you to not over do it at all. Your body needs to rest, eat well, rest, walk a little, rest, etc. You will almost certainly still be taking some amount of pain meds. Please do not try to drive at two weeks. It will not be a good idea.

    I returned to driving at 8 weeks post-op, and although I felt very stiff and uncomfortable in the car, I was able to make small trips around town. Maybe your visitors can come to see you!

    Take care, and best of luck,
    Gayle, age 50
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    also mom of Torrey, 12 y/o son, 16* T, stable

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    If your recovery is anything like mine, you will not be driving 2 weeks post op! I am 4 and 1/2 weeeks post op and off my narcotics and still do not feel like I could drive safely...
    This surgery is a hundred times harder then I thought it would be. I am 37, very healthy and in shape and have found this recovery to be the hardest thing I have ever done... including natural childbirth.
    Here's to an easy recovery for you!
    Best, Heidi
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    Correction: looks perfect! Will find out how perfect at future appointments

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