I hate to hear that people are not having surgery once they have decided to do so. I could not wait a year, specially like Dr Lenke's patients. Dr. Bridwell process is a bit better when scheduling close to date. Actually, their practice will schedule a date when all tests are done and he is ready ready familiar with the 'how he will proceed and all the planning' before they give you a date (no more than 3 months ahead).

When it is scheduled a year away, things can change not only with the spine but people's health, insurance, and/or financial situation. And, the stress of waiting is another factor.

And, I can't remember the girl's name whose doctor kept changing her date something due to publicity if something goes wrong etc. This is not a person who can trust your spine to. It might take some extra money and travel efforts but definetely surgeons attached to a Teaching University that has the specialty is a much more safer place.

My opinion is that a group of excellent doctors will do a great job for the patients, their referrals (how many personal friends would you recommend with your same condition, eh) and great for their business coffers.

A surgeon in an university, is backed by the entire organization, most likely one billing department etc. The surgeons if they are also staff member depend on publishing advances on their procedures. And, I can bet that these universities are involved in research so they are well funded by many organizations including the government and other well-off donors.

Just a thought ...