Does anyone else have severe neck problems / pain. The worse of the pain is right where the neck hooks onto the head. My neck has had 3 surgeries with 3 plates. The pain is awful, could it be that a screw is touching a nerve root or something that does not show up on films. Does it not seem that it would be worth exploration, even surgically to go in to see what is causing the source of the pain. Now, while it has not been said to me, I think there is a possibility that the last Dr created such problems that no one else wants to touch my neck? Any thoughts? Yes, I am going to have surgry with Dr. Hey soon (yea !!) to do a complete revison of my spine. Just can't get this out of my head. Kind of like a bull dog that just won't turn loose until it makes since to me. I suspect I need to wait on God's timing for the answer, but just in case anyone else has had similiar situation, sure would like to hear from you.