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Thread: Scott update - TRS worked!!!

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    Scott update - TRS worked!!!

    Scott just had his 9 year old checkup and his back remained stable at 20 degrees after a year of growth. WE ARE OVERJOYED!!!!

    2008 - Age 5 - 11 degrees
    2009 - Age 6 - 14 degrees (or thereabouts)
    2010 - Age 7 - 18.6 degrees (Torso Rotation and computer measurements began here)
    2011 - Age 8 - 20.2 degrees
    2012 - Age 9 - 20.0 degrees

    We began torso rotation just before Scott turned 7 and his back has remained stable since. Amazingly enough it still worked despite the fact that he didn't properly fit into the machine until he was 8.5 years old. The upshot is that he's only been doing the exercise with correct form for the past 6 months. We only do it twice per week and it takes a matter of minutes. Whatever TRS does, IT WORKS!

    I'm eternally indebted to Dr. Vert Mooney for discovering this exercise and Dr. Kevin McIntire for doing the followup research.

    Here is a link to my TRS thread. This thread includes all of the study links for parents.

    Torso Rotation Strength Training for Scoliosis
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