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Thread: Will be meeting Dr. Hey soon

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    Will be meeting Dr. Hey soon

    It's silly for me to be posting this as I have read nothing but positive remarks from everyone who has seen Dr. Hey. But, I have been in constant pain for 25 yrs. Several surgeries for scoli & neck. I mailed my films & photos to Dr. LaGrone apx a yr ago; he wrote back saying he thought I have flat-back to some degree. I have had to wait as both my Mom & Dad passed away within months of each other. Then my husband had a massive stroke and can no longer speak. I also have his mother in the house to watch over. Pain is severe enough to stop me from cooking or tending house properly. I have been in awe that so many other post speak of being in pain yet being so much more productive then I have these last couple of yrs. I am on medication, it helps greatly. Without it I could not cope.
    I am having some moments of panic as the days click off. I leave in 9 days for my 1st appt. on the 11th of Oct. I guess mostly I just want to thank all of you that post regularly, share your information and encouragement. My current curves are 61.6 at the top & 66.1 at the bottom. I have an area between shoulders that never fused from 1983. My neck is a mess from top to bottom. I also now have problems in the sacrum area with bulging disc. I have pain in my right hip that runs down my leg to the sole of my feet, even my toes. In the neck where it hooks to your skull the pain runs right on up the back of my head to the top of my head. I pray that surgery will be available and scared that it will at the same time.
    I don't post often, but truly thank those of you that do.
    scoli appeared age 15
    untreated until age 30
    41* T & 72* L
    Harrington Rod T4 to L4
    33* T & 53* L
    neck instrumentation C3-4,C4-5,C6-7
    Revision coming up in Nov. 2012

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    Wow Taylor, you sure have a lot on your plate. It must feel very overwhelming at times.

    I just want to wish you the best of luck with your appointment, and hopefully the beginning of an end to your pain.

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    Say hi to Dr Hey from Melissa Beckoff

    I certaintly hope that he can help you

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    Dr. Hey

    Please feel very encouraged that a top notch doctor, like Dr. Hey, can help you. Hang onto that hope because help is out there. Please do this for yourself. You have been through a lot and need help so you can function. Please let us know how your appt goes.
    1963 Fusion T4-L2 for congenital scoliosis. It was a bone graft and not instrumentation
    1989 to Present....Have had chronic pain. MRI's show severe neural foraminal stenosis L2-S1, rotational scoliosis lumbar spine over 40 degrees, compression of nerve roots L5-S1, Broad Based Herniations L4-L5, L5-S
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    You are going to a top surgeon who will, hopefully, be able to give you a life with less pain. Please let us know what Dr. Hey says at your appointment.

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    Taylor good luck
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    Smile can't thank you enough

    Thank each of you for your response. I needed those words so much. There has been so much these last few years that I did not know where to begin to explain. I am so grateful to have my husband with me, but it is hard not being able to discuss things with him. Also I know he worries enough already without the ability to speak all I can try to do is keep it positive and light hearted. I feel like the great pretender. It is because of this forum that I found Dr. Hey. I am indebted to all of you. I am excited about the pending appointment. There are so many problems in my spine it is hard to imagine the Dr not having an answer and yet I won't believe it until I actually hear him say the words. Then I am scared of another big surgery like this. This will be my 8th surgery, but only the 2nd really big one.
    I must also figure out how to tend the bills, manage directing who needs to do what when as the entire house is dependent on me for everything. It scares me that I might let a ball hit the ground. That is where faith must take over. I am so guilty of taking it to The Lord and then just picking it right back up. Anyway, thanks, I will let you know what happens and YES, I will deliver your personal message of hello. You guys are great!
    scoli appeared age 15
    untreated until age 30
    41* T & 72* L
    Harrington Rod T4 to L4
    33* T & 53* L
    neck instrumentation C3-4,C4-5,C6-7
    Revision coming up in Nov. 2012

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    I hope that Dr. Hey will be able to help you. My heart goes out to you. I am in N. Carolina now and have met with Dr. Hey and he seems very compassionate. I don't need more surgery, but I still have residual nerve pain and he has directed me to good PT's and a good pain clinic.
    Diagnosed with severe lumbar scoliosis at age 65.
    Posterior Fusion L2-S1 on 12/4/2007. age 67
    Anterior Fusion L3-L4,L4-L5,L5-S1 on 12/19/2007
    Additional bone removed to decompress right side of L3-L4 & L4-L5 on 4/19/2010
    New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, MA
    Dr. Frank F.

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    Try not to get too nervous about seeing Dr Hey....I think that since you waited all these years in pain that your turn has come. Its funny how we all go through our lives in pain for many years and then the timing happens for some reason. We all have our own stories, all different but all so similar.

    He should be able to tell you if he can help. I think this is what we all need to hear from our surgeons.....Itís the one thing I heard from mine, even though it would be a tough recovery. I was at a stage where I needed the help, and badly.

    I would look forward to meeting with him and talking things over. Just remember that you donít have to commit, this will be your first meeting.

    I think it was Sharon who first started posting his blog here years ago, and its hard not to like the guy....

    Be sure to let us know how it goes.

    49 yr old male, now 59, the new 55...
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    Dr Brett Menmuir St Marys Hospital Reno,Nevada

    Bending and twisting pics after full fusion

    My x-rays

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    Good luck with your appointment. I bet you will be amazed how he will be able to help you. I hope you can get some help lined up with your household for your recovery. Grown children, perhaps? Best wishes.

    age 44
    80* thoracolumbar; 40* thoracic
    Reduced to ~16* thoracolumbar; ~0* thoracic
    Surgery 3/14/12 with Dr. Lenke, T4 to S1 with pelvic fixation
    Not "confused" anymore, but don't know how to change my username.

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    hi Taylor....
    i hope the surgeon can help you, offer you hope for an end
    to the pain you have been living with...

    just a note...please, if you do have surgery, please talk to the
    hospital social worker...every hospital has at least one...and tell
    her/him your workers often know of support,
    some kind of help that could be accessed for you....
    cannot hurt to ask....

    best of luck...

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