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    Hi all. I just found out I am in the 2% of people taking Mobic(meloxicam) who end up with decreased Kidney function. It's a good thing I am not a betting woman. My primary care Doctor thinks that any anti-inflamatory will have the same effect on my kidneys, so he has given me a prescription for Tramadol. My question is, has anyone taken Tramadol for arthritis pain and what has been your experience with it? Thanks in advance for any insight you may give on this medication.
    Diagnosed with severe lumbar scoliosis at age 65.
    Posterior Fusion L2-S1 on 12/4/2007. age 67
    Anterior Fusion L3-L4,L4-L5,L5-S1 on 12/19/2007
    Additional bone removed to decompress right side of L3-L4 & L4-L5 on 4/19/2010
    New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, MA
    Dr. Frank F.

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    i believe tramadol is the samed as ultram....
    i took ultram...for a very short time...
    it seemed to do nothing for me, and it made me sleepy....
    maybe i was started on a low dose and that is why it didn't
    help with pain....but i quit taking it very fast...

    i think every person has meds they react to either allergically,
    or in an "out of the ordinary" way...
    i am allergic to vioxx and now cannot take celebrex...similar
    i lost cortisol from getting steroid shots...i am told it is not
    that common for the cortisol response to happen...but it did,
    and it was extreme....


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