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Thread: Less invasive surgery developed by Israel (Apifix implant)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hdugger View Post
    OK, I lied, I'm going to say something else

    This kind of thing:

    "Please consider learning more about science and the scientific method and bioethics and such."

    is classic forum deflection 101. Instead of responding to the content of the message, you try to undermine the messenger. The purpose is two-fold - 1) it tends to get under people's skin, and then you can get them to waste time defending their intelligence/sanity/emotional stability etc. instead of talking about the topic at hand, (double the points if you can needle in such a way that you get the other person to lose their cool and then use that as further proof of their emotional instability) 2) you can use it as a proxy for responding to the content of the message, and dismiss the content by dismissing the messenger.

    Go onto any public forum where people are discussing politics, and you'll see pretty much nothing but this kind of post. Noone is talking about the issues at hand - all they're talking about is each other.

    That's fine for politics - one can safely avoid those forums and get good info somewhere else. It's devastating for a medical forum, where there's really nowhere else to really grapple with some very complex decisions.

    The only way to break the cycle is not to play. Once you get into defending your reputation and counter-attacking, the whole discussion just spirals into nonsense. Great if you want to destroy intelligent discussion - not so great if you don't. Pick your side and guide yourself accordingly.
    That kind of forum is the perfect example. There only are in the best case ‘debates’, that is, people trying to show they are the best opponent, but also they try to convince that everybody should to think like them.
    But discussions are different. It’s almost impossible that people trying to solve the same complex and uncertain problem may avoid discussing, that is taking a conversation interchanging ideas intending to know their veracity or not. Certainly I had that kind of conversation with some members here. Some of them were really so much extensive, but nobody might see them as a debate or something worst, even having clear and opposites ideas (at least in the beginning), because we were only trying to know more, and they were very useful, at least for me. I believe that other members also had some others large and so much friendly discussions here.
    But of course, as you said, nothing could be more nonsense that a debate in a forum likes this.

    I’m realizing I should have to say that I would like a DEBATE in other forum, when I said that:

    Quote Originally Posted by flerc View Post
    So, when you’d want to treat any issue even of course in the way of an authentic debate and only that, for me, would always be something really good to talk with you.
    Certainly I remembered those old times when I loved to waste stupidly my time in that kind of forums (and others with much sense but without any clear purposse), before scoliosis emerged in my life.
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