Our daughter had a severe scoliosis 46 Cobb at age 14, and we were told in the US that there is absolutely no alternative treatment for her spine at her age besides surgery. We were devastated, but didn't give up. We found out about Dr Weiss, and took her immediately to Germany for a consultation on December of 2010. Dr. Weiss recommended a brace and psysical therapy. We spent 5 days at his clinic waiting for her brace. During that time, she had 2 sessions, 1 hour and 1/2 each psyhical therapy when she learned the Schroth method. Dr Weiss told us she has to wear her brace 23h a day, and she pretty much did. She also did physical therapy for a 1/2 hour almost every day. The brace was very comfortable. We bought her new tops and she covered it very well. Nobody knew that she was wearing a brace. She is also a ballerina. She continued dancing every day. That was the only time when she took her brace off. It wasn't easy, but she was motivated to get her back straight, avoid surgery and continue dancing. We went back to Germany for check-ups every six months. Now, after 1 year and 8 months her back improved 1/3, it looks straight, no back pain and most important she doesn't need surgery anymore! The overall experience was fantastic. The trips to Germany were not cheap, but way cheaper than surgery! Everybody we met was so dedicated and professional. We could't be happier. Thank you, Dr Weiss and team.