My name is Nikki and I got corrective surgery for my 56 degree lumbar curve in the summer of 2008 when I was fourteen years old. I am now eighteen and dealing with a lot of pain. My upper back is curved to where sometimes it is hard to sit straight and it looks like im hunching when I am not. I have pains that shoot up and down my spine all day. In the very middle of my back there is something that sticks out and rubs me wrong, like it feels uncomfortable and pops and is the root of most of the pain in my back. I also have something where my sternum has scar tissue so it almost looks like I have a little pocket of fat under my boobs. It gives the allusion that my rib cage is popping. I have already spoken to the doctor that has performed the surgery and he has just sent me back to physical therapy every time I bring up the pains that I am experiencing. I know that by having scoliosis I am always going to have SOME pain, but I feel like it is just interrupting my everyday life and making me feel uncomfortable and self conscience. I feel like at such a young age I shouldn't be experiencing THIS much pain. I have read around about possible second surgeries, but I am not sure what to do. Please can anyone give me some advice. My parents dont really know what I am dealing with and I need to know what my options are from here on out. Thank you soooo sooo much.