Hi to everyone, I may be new to a lot of you, but I have been following for years now. I needed help to be able to post and it finnally happened. Just a little about my history---I have a total spinal fusion. It was built in stages over a 3 yr period. 1st t10-pelvis,then 3 level in cervical and about 1 yr ago--t2-t10. I had fractured through t9 right after 1st surgery. Quite an experience! All is OK as far as I know.I do have a question for those that have a fusion in thorasic area---I have one nerve pattern that if it is just touched in the rib cage---it shoots all away to the spine---has been like this since it was first done. I am on gabapentin ---it seems to help,but I can't not take it or it really bothers me. Any other suggestions?Thanks to all!

t10-pelvis 12/2008
c5-7 9/2010
t2-t10 2/2011