hi Laura
thanks for the posting,i'm just sat in limbo now waiting for an appointment to have mri scan done so my consultant can get a clearer picture of whats happening. He seems to think i've had my curve since i was a teen but it never bothered me and he says i'm so well balanced nobody would really know, it's only because i'm in so much pain and finding day to day chores a task to say the least. As for the second opinion ,things are alot different here in the uk it's taken me four years to get to see this orthapedic consultant if i was to ask to see someone else god knows how long i would wait, our health service is covered by our NI ,we can pay to go private but i just can't afford it just for the mri scan alone it would cost around 4000 that's without anything else. I do feel that i'm in good hands though and at least he's come up with some answers that i've waited years for.
I'll keep you posted let you know what happening and good luck with yours,my thoughts are with you.