I am not sure that I am reading correctly regarding where you are located and whether you have insurance or not. Some of us are fortunate in this forum to a have insurance coverage and the ability to move around (domestically & financially).

I am 62 and have never considered fusion because I was not allowing anyone to touch my spine. However, at 80 and 90 degrees double curves and increasing I was able to find a surgeon that is not only specialized but have done this type of surgery for 30 years on a weekly basis, registered with the scoliosis organizations, continually publishing and participating in research on the spine and scoliosis. Once meeting him and watching him study/measure etc my xrays with a team of other doctors (interns, fellow and his assistant) I came out totally convinced about going with surgery.

Dr Bridwell (ST Louis) was my second opinion while the first surgeon was located much closer to my home. The first surgeon was nice, spent time and his staff was very responsive to my scheduling. However, this doctor recently joint the practice and has done a year fellowship with another top scoliosis surgeon.

I went with age, experience, exposure and type of practice. Dr. Bridwell is at Washington University, have an office within a major building linked with walkways to major hospital.

What I am trying to say here is to change to another doctor. It is obvious that he does not really want the risk of taking care of you either for profit and or publicity reasons. He does not have your problem as his first priority and should have been honest with you.

If you are in Australia, I am sure that the entire country has many specialized scoliosis surgeons who are members of any of the world wide organizations. You are too young to continue to suffer and risk having a non-top surgeon even giving you an evaluation. You deserve the best and should be able to find some other professional. Skip the complaint phase as that will just aggravate you and continue to make you angry and frustrated. Take charge and move on. I wish I could help encourage you more.

Find websites in your country or the United States of scoliosis surgeons... send them emails. Maybe, some organization have funds available to help if you do not have insurance. But, don't be at the mercy of frustration because the line moved and you are now end of the queue.