I'm glad I didn't hold my breathe. Called the hospital today for an update on my surgery. 17 mths and waiting!
I was told in April that there were 3 people scheduled before me, one operation was the following day, May was scheduled but no further.
I'm told because of the NHS in the UK and the hospital I'm under my surgeon can only get a spinal cord monitorer once every 6 wks.
I was told today that the operation scheduled for June cannot go ahead until July now because the doctors are striking over pensions and the admin lady I spoke with doesn't know if the May operation went ahead because their were 'problems with beds'. She cannot tell me anymore and doesn't know if the June op for Jul has been scheduled because they haven't been told yet when they can get a spinal cord monitorer for Jul onwards. What a joke! I have to call back tomorrow to see if I can get anymore information.

How I hate this procedure, the waiting, the upset, the pain, the frustration. Sometimes I don't know how I stay positive. It doesn't help when your having a bad pain day as well. :-(

Sorry, rant over