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Thread: Breast & ovarian shielding in an EOS scan?

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    Breast & ovarian shielding in an EOS scan?

    EOS Scan Question: I spoke with a nurse at Rady Hospital and she said they never use breast or ovarian shielding because the doctors say it blocks their view of the scoliotic patient. She also stated the radiation dose is so much less in this scanner and added they have the child face away from the scanner so very little radiation reaches those areas. (It will be higher than the dose received using shields....) I admit I don't know how this machine works, but if they are scanning front and side, then doesn't that mean the radiation is coming in from the back and the SIDES where the breasts are located?

    Is there any information documenting how deep the radiation penetrates?

    I tried to look up the recommendations for the EOS scanner and haven't come across anything yet. The ads all show them being used without any protection when used for scoliosis. She said to the best of her knowledge they are not producing 3D images. My thought is that a 2D image would not be impeded by shielding.

    I'd have to count the actual x-rays to be sure, but I believe my 12yro daughter has had 18 to date. (BTW, I am not asking for examples of how safe radiation is or that we are exposed to it in every day life.)

    Please help me to understand the equipment and why shielding would be a problem in obtaining a useful x-ray.

    A Mom

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    EOS links

    I was looking around this evening and thought I would share some links that show the EOS equipment. It looks as though it is a great step in the right direction. I will post links about research on the equipment next.

    A Mom
    Shows x-rays w/out shielding.
    Discusses low dose of radiation.
    Discussing scoliosis month and shows x-rays w/out shielding.
    This write-up specifically states they do not using shielding at Radyís.

    I did find this note and will send an email with questions: Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the EOS. If you have additional questions, please email
    This one shows a girls using breast shields, canít tell if she is shielding her ovaries as well.
    This one is a parent talking about using the EOS and implies shielding is used to shield both top and bottom areas.
    This parent discusses using the system, but never mentions shielding.
    Says the radiation does is 10x less than a CR scan.
    Ad, but includes interviews and info.
    Similar to other clips, but this one also shows the radiologist placing the girl in the equipment.
    I am starting to notice that each clip talks about the low dose of radiation, but the reduction ranges from 5-10x the reduction, with 8-10x the reduction being referenced most often. Maybe they are discussing different versions of the equipment.
    This is the Wisconsin unit.
    This discussing the quality of the image and the reduction of radiation. Here they say the radiation is reduce 6-9x the dose received in CR.
    Discusses radiation, image, and the fact this machine is not cost effective.

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    shielding used in Wisconsin EOS

    I received a call back from the nurse, who spoke with the (Wisconsin) EOS tech who confirmed the only time they don't use shielding is when the thoracic curve is larger than 60į and the breast shields might block the spine. Here is a link to an image showing the use of the shields

    I have been busy with other things right now and haven't had a chance to send an email asking California tech questions at I will follow up ASAP.

    A Mom
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