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I can't speak for spinal fusion, but I can speak from other experience. My mom cut her fingers off in a table saw. The doctor said he wouldn't even attempt a reattachment surgery if she was a smoker. He was able to save four of her fingers and she can use them. She would have lost ALL five fingers. His reason for not trying to save fingers of smokers is due to the NICOTINE causing a constriction of the blood vessels. He had once operated on a young man that also cut his fingers off because the young man promised never to pick up another cigarette again. As soon as the young man got home he started smoking. He ended up losing all of his fingers.

I would also be careful about e-cigarettes. I did some research on them because my son started using them as an anti-smoking aid. Some of them have anti-freeze (polyethelene glycol) as a propellant, others use propylene glycol (also used in asthma inhalers). I went to the FDA website to read about them. There are dangers. They have tested some that supposedly contain NO nicotine and found nicotine in them. Also, the cartridges can leak. They aren't as "safe" as the manufacturers claim. Also, it's the nicotine that causes the cardiovascular disease. The other "chemicals" in cigarettes cause cancer.

I hope this was somewhat helpful. I think that proper bloodflow is important for healing in any surgery, but especially the really "big" surgeries. I'm sorry you are in this position with your son. I am frustrated with my kids for smoking and they don't have big surgeries to face. I wish you all the best and hope that your son can come to see the seriousness of this situation.
. This is good information for anyone out there that wants to try these e-cigs. It is just better not to smoke at all. This is such a serious surgery and an opportunity to have a better quality of life. So there's really no other option except quit. Hope we are all in good spirits tonight!! Stay strong everyone!! Linda