Hey all...i'm back. My son is coming up on his spinal surgery revision june 14th, but he is still struggling with stopping smoking. He has almost completely quit, but still smoking on some days maybe 5 or 6 cigs. This is such a mess. He was supposed to have stopped a month ago. He hasn't told the surgeon he is still smoking because he believes as long as he isn't smoking for at least 2 weeks before the surgery and doesn't smoke after he will be ok. Any input will be greatly appreciated. I keep telling him it's not worth going through this huge procedure if he doesn't give his body long enough to get rid of the nicotine. How long have others been told to stop smoking before? This is so messed up and me being his mother am in a pickle having taken time off work and taking out loan, fmla in place...etc. I will have a hard time getting my hours back at work...please help!!