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Thread: Creaking in spine like Bendable Barbie's knee joint!

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    Creaking in spine like Bendable Barbie's knee joint!

    I have a not too severe double major curve (40 top, 34 bottom) and have a lot of pain in my hips and back.

    Aside from the pain, I also have a terrible creaking in my spine when I move... all of the time:

    Did you ever hear a "Bendable Barbie's" knee bend? That is how my spine sounds and feels... clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk! I do not get pain with this however, so doctors tell me it is not bone rubbing on bone... But what is it? Is it the sound of ligaments rubbing on my spine? Am I unstable?

    Thanks for any insight!


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    I wish I could tell you more on what it is or what treatment is out there but I am as just as confused as you are… Sometimes it helps to know that somebody else out there shares your experience, it minimizes the anxiety a little bit. So all I can share with you at this time is that yes I do have the creaking in my spine. Though I never heard of the term you mentioned I certainly feel like my own body is screaming against the pain it is experiencing. I experiencing this creaking noise if I make a sudden move or I make a sudden bend or if I am picking something heavy. Sometimes it happens after morning stiffness or if I am stiff period. I too have a great deal of hip and leg pain. In fact at times I feel like I am an encyclopedia for all bone disorders there exists!

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