Hi all,
I finially had my consultation with Dr. Lenke. It was great to hear him say that I am treatable. I thought he was wonderful. He checked me over and then talked to me and said he could fix me. And he explained it all to me so I could understand it very well. His technique has a lot to do with it. And a lot of other things. The down side is because he is world renowned and does people from all around the world, I have to wait till Feb.18th for surgery. It sounds like a long time, but I'm convinced that he can fix me, so it's worth the wait. He wants me to do some excersizes at home to stregthen the muscles and stretch other ones. Especially down in between my hip and groin. I bend there a lot and that needs to be pulled staight everyday and strengthened, so when he does fuse me I have good muscle strength in those areas.(to stand straight) Anyway, I also need to have some vit. D tests done. He said if I am low on D, that no amount of Forteo would help. And I havn't had good readings for bone scans, even though I am on the Forteo.
ALL IN ALL I AM FLYING PRETTY HIGH! He left me feeling full of HOPE. His staff are wonderful. I thought so anyway. They were helpful and made me feel comfortable. So I would recommend him to anyone that is in a serious situation. He takes mostly the very serious cases.
YOUR HAPPY SPINAL DEFORMED FRIEND!! Boomer~~~~ P.S. I met Jeromy and Doreen in the Hotel Lobby. Doreen was there for her 6mo.check up and did great. They're great people!!!