Thank you so much to everyone for sharing their experiences and opinions, they have been a real comfort to me.Whilst i've been able to speculate wth my family and boyfriend about what things might feel like or look like after surgery nothing is as good as hearing everything you have to say and looking at all your pre and post op pics.

I found out I had scoliosis when I was 12, I had my lower spine fused in Sep 97. It was decided that my upper curve was superficial and would straighten out if my lower spine was fused. My lower curve was improved but my upper curve stayed the same. In 2001 I had a costioplasty to reduce my rib hump at the back an side.
I thought because my spine had stayed stable until 2005 when I was discharged as an out patient my scoliosis journey was at an end but how wrong was I!

I noticed different an more severe pain than I was used to in my back an around my right rib cage in 2010, by October the pain was so bad, and I was certain my rib cage was protruding at the front and one of my ribs at the back had moved out of line, I went back to my doctor. I can't describe how upset and disappointed I was when I found out the affects of my costioplasty were reversing and my upper curve had increased considerably but I'm over that now and trying to be positive!

I found out in January 2011 that my curve had moved from approx 30degrees to 96degrees and I was put on the list for full fusion surgery, Since then my curve has moved to 104degrees. It is also making my bottom curve increase and I may need pelvis fusion.

I'm obviously scared, nervous and excited about the future and hope that this forum will help to keep me positive and answer any questions that may come to mind.

If anyone has had similar surgery or curve sizes I would be grateful to hear from you and anyone else that wants to share or just chat.

Thanks for reading my history and I look forward to hearing from you.