My daughter is 8 with 24 and 31 curves. We found out in October 2011, went to a specialist in November. Had an MRI to check for tethered cord which was negative in January. Our follow-up appointment is scheduled for Monday, April 30th. I figured we'd do an xray to re-measure her curves and expected them to encourage us to consider a brace. We got a call yesterday from the nurse. She said, "we think you should change your apt to Tuesday so we can also meet with a surge and brace team to save you a trip. WHAT??? I don't think we are ready for surgery and we haven't decided if we for sure need a brace yet. My hubby was livid. We haven't even found out if its progressed and should not even be considering surgery at this point (we don't think?). So, maybe we should get ready for a second opinion. Except WE DON"T KNOW WHERE TO GO. It's so hard to get a good referral. Can anyone suggest a good juvenile orthopedic scoliosis doctor in the Virginia, West Virginia area. We are willing to travel if needed.