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He sees a pain/addiction specialist and he is teaming up with the surgeon to come up with this plan for him. Problem is...they are 10 hours apart and conversing by phone and it is difficult to get in touch with the pain specialist. Easier to speak with the surgeon as he gave us his cell phone number. We just need to get up to date on what the two of them are conversing about. It was just today that the surgeon's nurse called and got the pain docs number to call him...again since they misplaced the number. Originally though the pain doc said he could use the saboxone and come off like 2 weeks before the surgery...so I need to find out what their plan is! Soooooo frustrating...on top of the thought of the huge surgery and wondering if it is even going to help him. I wonder what the % of people that really have successful surgeries is? I said before his fusion is from L3-S1, but I meant to say T3-S1!! Thanks for your input!! ;o)

Hi I am dianadee58's son Jonmarc H. looking to having the spinal fusion correction operation with Dr. Lebwhol on June 14. I am very scared and stressed, and I think that I have been making it worse on myself with so much anxiety. I have an extreme amoumt of pain and I want to let all of you know that I logged in and my membership username is readytoheal. You can contact me at jonmarcholland@gmail.com. I appreciate this forum soo much. The support is greatly appreciated. I am trying to figure out how to post and reply on my own forum username account, but am having a hard time with it.

Also, I want to say THANKYOU so much to Linda - I have your contact information and I will give you a call. Also I will email you and give you my contact information as well.

-Jonmarc Holland