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Thread: the "great" hospitals

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    the "great" hospitals

    just a note about some of the famous, "great" hospitals...
    on a show today about illnesses, including Lyme Disease, one of the worst, most negative
    doctors, wh does more harm to patients than many doctors because he does not believe
    chronic Lyme exists, is from the "great" John Hopkins...this is a doctor who denies the
    patients who come to see him, sitting in front of him with symptoms he refuses to recognize
    or treat...
    i learned the hard way, when my mother got awful tx for a brain tumor from the "great"
    Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC, that some of the supposed "great" hospitals no longer deserve
    their wonderful reputations...
    that is just my way of warning that just becasue a scoli surgeon is affiliated
    with a supposedly "great" teaching hospital, does not mean that the hospital is still so good,
    or that the surgeon is automatically good because of that hospital affiliation...

    just a note of warning...from past experiences with such hosptials...


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    Great post, Jess.

    I'm sure there are lots of other stories like this out there. Certainly something to keep in mind.....
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    Definitely something to keep in mind. My step-dad was misdiagnosed when he had a heart attack at the famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. It almost cost him his life as he had a "big one" while driving truck in Northern MN. He was rushed to a smaller no name hospital in Fargo, North Dakota and had to have a six way bypass. They noted that he had previously had a heart attack, the one Mayo Clinic said was a pulmonary embolism without doing ANY tests to confirm that diagnosis.

    Excellent post, Jess!
    Be happy!
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    One doctor does not a hospital make.
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    i just wanted to remind people to be aware that some hospitals outlive their "great" reputations that at
    one time they may have deserved...i found this to be true of several hospitals by personal experience...
    Stonybrook on Long Island is another one that i experienced in that way...
    sometimes people on forum comment about a hospital's rep...and i want to point out that it is often
    just that....a rep...that is no longer the truth....

    thanks to all for the replies...


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