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Thread: JERSEYOT UPDATE: I broke my back - in hospital

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    JERSEYOT UPDATE: I broke my back - in hospital

    Well, I WAS doing very well up until Friday and by Sunday I could barely walk. I called the dr Mond day got an X-ray and he said it looked good and to call Friday if not better. Well I barely made it through Wedmesday and had to go to the ER, we're I was immediately admitted due to severe pain - a CT reveals a T12 fracture. I'm in a TLSO. The dr and myself both thought for itwas all muscle spasm related. After 48 hours I aM finally at starting to get a little relief...very options are:1/ brace and hope doe the best; or 2) surgery.

    I am a mess, emotionally and every other eat way. I don't know what to go AND my surgeon will be doig
    Mission surgery,all next week in Bulgaria! SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! Is this REALLY happening?!?!
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