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Thread: JERSEYOT UPDATE: I broke my back - in hospital

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    JERSEYOT UPDATE: I broke my back - in hospital

    Well, I WAS doing very well up until Friday and by Sunday I could barely walk. I called the dr Mond day got an X-ray and he said it looked good and to call Friday if not better. Well I barely made it through Wedmesday and had to go to the ER, we're I was immediately admitted due to severe pain - a CT reveals a T12 fracture. I'm in a TLSO. The dr and myself both thought for itwas all muscle spasm related. After 48 hours I aM finally at starting to get a little relief...very options are:1/ brace and hope doe the best; or 2) surgery.

    I am a mess, emotionally and every other eat way. I don't know what to go AND my surgeon will be doig
    Mission surgery,all next week in Bulgaria! SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! Is this REALLY happening?!?!
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    I am so sorry that this has happened to you.
    You are in my prayers

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    I am so sorry this happened....sounds very painful. Try to take it easy for now, you know that we always pull through in the end.....things always work out.

    You are no stranger to pain....

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    Sorry to read this shocking news. I hope they are able to make you comfortable. How did it happen?
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    Do you know what part of the vertebra fractured?
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    You poor thing, how aweful! I was wondering if you knew what happened as well. Do you have to remain in the hospital until your doctor returns, or are they going to brace you and release you and let you decide IF you want surgery again? Does your doc think you NEED surgery, or is he giving you the option? I'm soooo SORRY! Very gentle (((hugs))).
    Be happy!
    We don't know what tomorrow brings,
    but we are alive today!

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