Hi all my friends,
I am in such a terrible place in my life right now. I was sure that I was going to have my revision surgery done for my saggital imbalance by now. I started with Dr. Perra last Sept. He's at the Twin City Spine Center in Minniapolis Mn. Anyway, he wanted me on Forteo for a while first. I was already in bad pain and bent over and to the right about 32 degrees. So my last appt. was Feb. 22 at Minn. with Dr. Perra. He did a dexa scan and said he would "call me" with the results. And he also said I had progressed 23% in my pitch forward. That was was not bad enough, I also have a screw impinged on a nerve at L4/5. It's excruciating pain. My ribs are sitting on my hip bones and squashing my female organs, my ribs are squashing my lungs. Anyway, he said he needed to get this surgery done right away. But two weeks went by and I got a letter from him(not a phone call) He read the dexa scan and there wasn't any change, and now he wants me to do the Forteo for another three months. Knowing full well I am falling apart physically and mentally. And even at that , theres no surgery date set after the three months. So I wrote him and told him I wanted surgery soon, preferrably in April, that three more months of Forteo wasn't going to make the difference and I was getting worse and worse everyday. Anyway, I went to my local surgeon that can do less invasive surgeries and ask him to remove the screw, as it was killing me. He agreed it needed taken out, but thought he didn't want to do a surgery if this surgeon(Perra) was going to do the big one. He was disgusted that Perra had sent me home. And he was the one that encouraged me to write the letter. If Dr. Perra doesn't respond in a short order, then Dr. Alvine(local surgeon), said he would call Dr. Lenke in St Louis for me and help get me an appt. So if Perra doesn't get back to me, I am hoping to go to St. Louis, Mo. to Dr. Lenke. I know I probably should have done this from the beginning, but I thought by now I would be a ways into my recovery. Darn! And had know reason to think that it would take this long. And I know if I start over with Lenke it may take a while too. But I am what I would call an emergency case, and I'm hoping Dr. Lenke takes that into consideration. It's also a longer distaqnce to St Louis from So. Dak.(13HRS.) We may have to fly to some appt. And even at that it's a couple hrs. to an airport. Well, what do you think? Am I being too impatient? I don't think so at all. My family and even the Dr. Alvine are saying it's rediculous to make me suffer this long. I , for the first time, have cried because the pain was so bad. Amd I am taking strong meds. I stay in bed all day because of the pain, and clothes won't fit on my bent over body. I am a complete recluse and have been forever now. A couple years at least. Dr. Perra even said if it gets worse I could be in a wheelchair soon. So I don't know why he won't set a date. OK enough of this pity party~~I do need input from ya all though. I'm so tired, and it's hard to think straight when you're in pain. Gentle Hugs to you all, (I have heard a lot of good things about Dr. Lenke)