y'all brought up some great questions! thank you! we are in the process of making a list of things to ask at her post-mri appointment, so this is very helpful. i did talk to Dr. Lark today, he called me after a round table discussion he had about Odella with his colleagues. they laid out a plan starting with surgery in about a year due to her small size and the size of the implant they would use to replace t9. so basically they want to do the excision/implantation to t9 and then instead of unfusing her ribs at t4/t5 and excising that hemi they would fuse her spine covering the hemi at t5 and preventing the fused ribs from moving/growing and causing further problems. i have a ton of questions regarding this approach with the fusion.

i think the time frame is actually the best news. i feel like they aren't rushing it and i have time to ask all the questions and then go elsewhere if i think we should. it is scary too though because i know both curves are progressing, hopefully they go slow for just a bit longer!

thanks again for all of your insight!