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Thread: General Anesthesia C-Section Because of Scoli Surgeries

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    General Anesthesia C-Section Because of Scoli Surgeries

    Hello, I had 13 spinal fusions and 2 Harrington rods placed in 1994. Then two surgical revisions in October 2007 involving flatback syndrome - had rods reattached, two incisions, ten osteotomy wedges, four fusions, artificial discs, etc. done.

    I am 20 weeks pregnant, and my surgeon does not seem concerned but will not see me in his office. He says all decisions are now up to my OB (which I understand). So far, not many complications except for marked back spasms in my lower-right. Hubby helps me a lot around the house, so I deal with it. OB wants me to either go completely natural with childbirth, or to have a general anesthesia C-section since she thinks I can't have an epidural.

    I have two questions:

    1. If you have been pregnant with similar hardware installed in your back and/or revisions, how did it go?
    2. Did you require general anesthesia in a C-section or did you go natural? How did THAT go?
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