Hi all,
I saw my surgeon at the Twin City Spine Center last Wed.(Dr.Perra). I'v been on the Forteo for four months now. I had a dex-scan done and I had an full length body xray done. I lost another quarter of my body length. It was 45% shifted forward and now 70% shifting forward. I can't pull myself up at all. And my ribs feel broke and food doesn't digest as well and on and on! He is going to call when the results come in on the dex-scan. He thinks we have to get into surgery soon! I feel like the Forteo is working. (Just from my own feeling of the strength of my bones.) But I could be wrong. We really didn't discuss the surgery too much yet,except he said instead of two days for the surgery , he will do it all in one day. Before he said there would even be a week in between. So really guys, it's just a waiting game on this end. Wish I had more for you. I'm thinking that if he's doing it in one day, he is going to do a TLIF(?) on me(not sure I have the right abbv. for that?)But it means, using his hands, to go into the front of the spine, from the back, to reinforce it. He said there would be a lot of osteotomies on me and a few cages(in front and back)Anyway, I felt very comfortable with him and he didn't act like he was in a hurry at all. Seemed to know his stuff for sure!! I will let you know as soon as I find out what the next step is. Pray my bones are ready! Oh, and I didn't tell you, I have a skin lesion on my arm. It is caused by "stress", but it has to be healed by the time I go to surgery. Just to add a bit more stress!Hmmm?
Have a good day my friends! Truely~~Linda