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    Question Pregnancy after surgery

    Hi all. I haven't been on here for several years. Since just after my last surgery I think. I'm hoping this post is in the right place. Couldn't think where else to put it.

    I had two fusions done, the first in 2007 and the second in August 2008. Now I'm 20 weeks pregnant and my consultant has warned me that the shape of my pelvis might not be able to accommodate a natural birth. I'm hoping that it will because my hips were never affected. To be honest my consultant at the hospital I will give birth at has no experience or knowledge of spinal fusions. He did warn me that the anaesthetists at my local hospital will probably not be willing to give me an epidural which is fine.

    My baby is likely to be back to back as I have an anterior placenta which I know will make it more painful for my back. Again, I'm prepared for this, having been through the surgeries I can deal with that lol. I was just wondering if there is anyone on here that has been through birth since their surgery and if they had any problems.

    Thank you xx
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    Anterior surgery 18th Jan 07
    Fused from T8 to T12 with 2 ribs removed
    Surgery was done by Mr Harrison and his team at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, England
    Revision posterior surgery on 26th April 07 to remove protruding rib stumps
    No longer wearing a Stanmore custom hard backed brace
    Posterior surgery on 18th August 08 due to non fusion of first op and further kyphosis. Two rods from T2 to T12

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